I'm here to help you to put aside all of your doubts and create something that you truly love.


I went from being a creative weirdo to a professional... but kept the weirdness inside my heart.

Every passion starts small, right? My passion for creating all kinds of things started back then when I was a child. I loved drawing and crafting and, unfortunately for my parents, it was really hard to stop me from doing that. They encouraged me in every single way but I do remember the day I learned that painting the walls in the living room is no good idea.

Even though I stopped drawing on inappropriate surfaces I kept that passion inside my heart. After graduating from school I struggled with finding ‘the right place’…

It was like that until I started studying Intermedia Design. I finally found a place where people told me, that there are no inappropriate surfaces or boundaries to spread your creativity.
From 2018 until today I keep learning new things, improving myself but most importantly I am now able to help people to enjoy their creative weirdness and make their vision come to life.


Values and skills I truly belive in.


As a designer I will take the initiative to make improvements, accepting responsibility for any failures and really be caring about showing you my trustworthiness.


Being able to explain complex issues is only one part of being good in communicating. Equally as important are verbal and non-verbal skills as well as simply listening and understanding.


I'm constantly trying to have a positive attitude and the initiative to work well. As we are only human beings there are ups and downs but I assure you that I will show my commitment to your project at any time.


Things my friends know about me.

My boyfriend and I are living in Birkenfeld along with our three cats. In our relationship, I am the creative and empathic one whereas he is the more rational and realistic kind of person.

I am a big animal and plant lover but have to admit that I keep killing some of my beloved plants from time to time. Or one of my cats does. It’s hard to be a plant in our home.

Things I do enjoy most are having a laugh with my loved ones or witness these small moments of pure joy like making eye contact with a cute dog.

Let's collaborate!

Do you want to know more about me or my work? Or do you have a cool project that you want me to dive into? Let’s get in touch then!