Broken Magic

Broken Magic is a 2D jump ‘n run platformer. The story is about a group of young magicians exploring different worlds by traveling through magic portals.

This project was created in cooperation between Intermedia Design and Digital Media and Games.

The Goal

We wanted to create an illustration based game for people to enjoy to look at and explore. To accomplish our vision we focused on creating interesting characters, worlds, stories as well as a lot of magical items to collect.

Character Design

One of the parts I worked on was creating our main character. We decided early on that our main character should be as magical as the world he lives in. Combining this with our group intern love for cats it was pretty obvious that we wanted to settle with a cat magician. Every group member picked some inspiration and based on that I created our character.

Storyline and Level Design

After planning out the main storyline and in which order our characters should travel through the magical worlds we picked our favorite one and started to plan the level design. One of my team members came up with the storyline of  ‘Rhedrok’ and together with one of our computer scientists we figured out our needs and goals considering the gameplay mechanics for this specific world.

Environment Design and Artwork

The part I mainly worked on alone, excluding the collectible items and a few decorative ones, are the illustrations for Rhedrok as well as the school.

I created the parallax background items, rocks, plants, mine carts, savepoints, portals, gemstones, and many more. I had to create them as individual items to make them work for Unity and our computer scientists. The repetitive items, like the flooring and waves, are created as tilesets. This allowed us to use them as infinite patterns in Unity.

I worked closely together with the computer scientist who was responsible for the character movement and shaders. This was key to bring the environment to life by adding sparkles, fog, lighting, and a ton of particles. I also had to transfer all the illustrations into normal maps to make them work in Unity.