Erinnerungsatlas der Großregion

The atlas helps you to find places of remembrance and memorials in Luxemburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, the Grand Est region, and Wallonia. The goal is to increase the visibility of these places and to prepare them for didactic work and research. This tool helps to facilitate cross-border teaching and learning to network educational institutions.

The Goal

You can check over 500 places of remembrance and memorials on the website and read about their function in the past and present. In order to be able to subdivide each of them visually, icons are required. They should be easy to understand but treat the topic respectfully at the same time.


In order to promote the scientific and interpersonal exchange in the Greater Region, the working group “Remembrance in the Greater Region” was founded in 2017 by teachers and students at the University of Trier and supported by the President of the University of Trier, Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel, and the Nikolaus-Koch-Foundation.

The concept was developed by Maria Schulz, Lennard Schmidt, and Oksana Petruk under the direction of Dr. J. Michael Schulz and Dr. Thomas Grotum in history at the University of Trier and is being carried out and implemented as part of a research project by the members Sebastian Opp, Kristin Koster, Dorothea Seiler, Hannah Gentes, Destina Haroglu and Luisa Gärtner.

Setting the mood

The icons should fit into the existing design and their function should be easy to understand. The design should be modern but not too playful since the topic should be taken seriously. Therefore I decided to use mainly straight lines and soft edges only if necessary.