Harry Hörnchen

Harry Hörnchen is an illustrated interactive children’s book with the main focus on native animals located in Germany. The book is considered for children 3-7 years old. The user can choose between an automatic storytelling mode or reading the story in the traditional way.

The Goal

Understanding how important it is nowadays to teach children from a young age media literacy, brought up the idea of creating an interactive children’s book. The goal was to create a book that combines the best of modern media with traditional books and the ritual of snuggling up with your parents in bed to read a book.

Group members

This project took part during my studies and I had the opportunity to work with two other great students. Each of us is passionate about another subject, which made it really interesting. One member of our group enjoys working with video and audio whereas the rest of us enjoys storytelling, character design, and illustration in general. We have been working on this project for approximately 1.5 years together, which makes this project the most time consuming one I worked on during my studies.

The story

Harry recently moved to the forest and is looking for his new home. On his adventure, he meets new animals and learns something new every time. We wanted to give the story a more educational impact by showing different animals and their natural behaviour.

As I worked on another project with a kindergarten teacher, I had the opportunity to ask for her opinion on our story. Regarding her feedback, I tweaked the story until we achieved the desired standard.

The clickdummy

Working with the Adobe Cloud is common among our team and the reason why we ended up using Adobe XD to create a clickdummy. During other projects, I learned the amount of animation you can do in XD and way more important how to do so. I ended up creating a work pattern that allowed our group to imitate our envisioned application as best as possible. After sharing the workflow with my team, we were able to finish the clickdummy in no time.